Update: I slowed down a portion of the video in able to see more details.

Update II: Was BART police officer Johannes Mehserle even carrying a Taser gun?

Update III: BART cop shooting not just another case of racial profiling

Seconds before the shooting, you can see three cops hovering around Oscar Grant.

BART police officer Johannes Mehserle appears to be trying to handcuff him. A second cop appears to have his knee on Grant’s back while having some kind of conversation with another handcuffed suspect who is on his knees. The third cop has his hand on this suspect’s shoulder and looks like he is speaking into his radio.

A female is standing inside the train filming the incident. You can hear her tell somebody, “baby, I’m fine, I’m just recording.”

Then you hear a man’s voice from inside the train: “You gotta take pictures of that shit ….”

Although Mehserle appears to be having some type of struggle with Grant, the cop with his knee on Grant’s back is blocking the view. The more I’ve watched this video, the more it seems as if Mehserle is trying to pull something out of his belt. Perhaps handcuffs. Perhaps a Taser. Perhaps a gun.

Someone from inside the train yells, “Hey, that’s fucked up.”

I couldn’t see any movement from Grant at all. There was much more of a struggle from the Don’t Tase Me, Bro guy.

The cop with his knee on Grant’s back suddenly senses some type of struggle and forces Grant’s face into the floor.

Somebody from inside the train yells, “let him go, what the fuck.”

Suddenly Mehserle stands up, pulls his gun out and shoots Grant in the back.

And when the second cop stands up, you can briefly see Grant’s hands were behind his back.

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Thanks to my good friend Enhager for sending me this video via Split Ends, who led me to the Bay Area Indy Media site from where I was able to embed this video.