I’m a huge fan of Canon, having spent thousands of dollars on still cameras, video cameras, lenses and flashes over the years.

But I made a huge mistake thinking that quality would go into its printers.

I purchased the Canon MP530 a little over a year ago to replace my HP, which is another brand of printer I would never buy.

Even though I was never able to get the fax working properly, I figured it was a decent printer because it printed. But now it doesn’t even do that.

Every time I try to print, I receive the following message:

Error Number : 1681 More than one ink tank of the following color is installed.  “Black [5]“  Use only one ink tank per color at a time.

But everything is installed correctly. I’ve even taken out the cartridges to make sure they had ink. I even replaced a couple of cartridges with low ink. But the problem persisted.

So I did what any frustrated person would do. I Googled those words. And I realized I wasn’t alone.






The solution apparently is to open and close the hatch. Sometimes I do this and it prints. Other times I do this ten times and I still get the same error.

So if you’re looking to buy a printer, go with an Epson.