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Winter finally arrived in Miami Wednesday night with temperatures dropping to the low 40s.  And while it may seem mild to those of you who live up north, it was a drop of more than 20 degrees in a two-day span so it’s like a sudden jolt of cold water in a hot shower for us.

And nobody feels it worse than the homeless. So last night I grabbed a few sweaters I had stored in a box that I had not worn since living out west where you have four months of winter instead of four days.

Then I hit the streets looking for homeless people. Most I saw were already bundled up in blankets under bridges and expressways but I found a couple of guys shivering in t-shirts.

I gave them the sweaters and snapped their photos.

I’m also experimenting with a new photo plugin which enables you to see the photos and cutlines by clicking on the navigational arrows. Let me know what you think.