Update: Here is the link of the nightclub where most people believe Matt Damon had a right to privacy.

Update II: A Miami photojournalist and blogger – and occasional paparazzi – weighs in on what is now officially The Matt Damon Issue.

So Matt Damon walks into a popular Miami nightclub where a perky little blogger tries to get a photograph of herself with him so she could post on her blog.  She asks his friends and they say no. She persists, trying to find some common ground, but they still say no.

Finally, the 5-foot, twentysomething blogger “went in for the camera kill”, as she explains on her blog, Miami, Bro, where she writes about nightlife, fashion, art and her support for Barack Obama.

I just walked up and took a picture and they all started yelling at me, “this is not a zoo!” or “does this look like a ZOO???!!”

I stumbled away, and I really wasn’t much but disappointed that I didn’t get a face picture.

She ended up with a photo of the back of his head. She also ended up with a horrible impression of Damon.

I have to say, I don’t understand what the hell crawled up Matt’s ass, but there was no reason for him to yell at me like that. He makes a shit ton of money, he is FAMOUS, why is he surprised some douche like me wants to take a picture with him for my blog?

The interesting part of this story is not that somebody tried to get a photograph of Damon. Nor is it even the way he refused to accommodate this photo.

The interesting part is how so many of Damon’s fans have stood up for him in the comments section of her blog. As if he were some personal friend or something.

The story has since been posted on Thomas Hawk’s friendfeed where she is being called a “bitch”. And on her own blog, she was called a “cunt”. Everyone seems to believe that she invaded Damon’s privacy.

But all one has to do is check out the nightclub’s website to realize this is the last place you would go to expect privacy. Be sure to check out the photo on the right side  of the page where a pair of knuckles has the word “exposure” tattooed across them.

Here is an example of a comment from Miami Bro’s blog:

You should be ashamed of yourself. Just because he is a star doesn’t mean he can’t go out without being photo stalked.

Maybe you are just jealous because you are not famous and now you’re blogging about it to tear him down.

Well Matt Damon will not be brought down. He has faced worse than you and has survived.

I probably wouldn’t even recognize Damon if I were sitting next to him at the bar considering how oblivious I am to Hollywood stars. But if somebody happened to tell me that it was Damon sitting next to me, and I had my camera with me at the time, you better believe I would try to get a photograph.

The nice way or the hard way.


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