The Lone Jew was walking his dog in downtown Miami Saturday when he came across a pro-Palestine/anti-Israel protest on Biscayne Blvd. across from the Israeli consulate.

More than 40 people were protesting Israel’s recent economic blockade on the Gaza Strip, which has caused a lack of food, supplies and money flow into the Palestinian controlled territory; an act which has been condemned by the United Nations.

The Lone Jew stood across the street from the protesters and started yelling, “Fuck Palestine, Fuck Palestine, Fuck Palestine”, accusing Palestine of supporting terrorism.

I had just spent more than an hour photographing the protest with my friends from the South Florida Camera Club and was driving out of the parking lot for an appointment. But when I saw this scrawny Jew standing on the sidewalk counter-protesting against the protesters, I just had to pull over and document the situation.

Luckily, I had my Canon TX1 on me, so I was able to capture it on video, including the part where two pro-Palestinian protesters walked across the street to where he was standing in an attempt to intimidate him.

But the Lone Jew stood his ground and continued yelling “Fuck Palestine”.

The two pro-Palestinian protesters were guided back across the street by a third protester, who obviously understood the First Amendment.

Although the Lone Jew was born in France, he served as a reminder that in the United States, we have the right to express our opinions – even by using expletives – without fear of getting attacked, intimidated or arrested.

Now for the photos (click on the “read more” link to see all the photos).