It started off as a way to deal with my frustrations through humor over the thought of Sarah Palin being one heartbeat away from the presidency; the way I created a fictional fool on an anonymous blog who was in lust over Palin because she not only can kill a moose, she can fry it up in a pan.

The blog is called Sarah Palin for Prez and until now, only two people knew it was me although I’m sure people suspected it was me because the clues were there.

But today, the Philadelphia Inquirer outed me as owner of the blog, not that I didn’t go along with it.

In an article titled It’s Supermom! Or is it? about how Palin has emerged as a modern super woman, the reporter mentions me and my blog in the following sentence.

Sarah Palin’s full plate led blogger Carlos Miller ( to spoof: “Sarah Palin gets my vote because she is a true modern woman in that she can shoot a moose, fry it up in a pan, and never let me forget that she is a woman.”

So yes, it is a spoof. The character is the complete opposite of who I really am. I swear. Sorry Blind Mind for giving you a hard time that day (I think you deleted my comment). I was only kidding.