A veteran photographer for the Star Press newspaper was arrested Tuesday afternoon while shooting a three-car accident in Muncie, Indiana.

Photo editor Kyle Evens, 50, who has worked for the Star Press for 28 years, was charged with one misdemeanor count of resisting law enforcement, according to the Star Press.

Arresting officer Delaware County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Brand told Star Press reporter Rick Yencer at the scene that Evens ignored requests to move out of the accident scene, where firefighters and paramedics were working to extricate a victim.

“(Evens) was walking around and disturbing evidence,” Brand said.

Police did not set up emergency tape or any other physical barriers at the scene. The Indiana State Police investigated the accident, and county sheriff’s deputies were assisting with traffic.

The rule I’ve always used when covering cops for various newspapers is if the yellow tape is not up, then you are free to shoot as close as you can without interfering with police or fire officials. Of course, not all officers understand that rule.