In a barely reported story, the Denver city attorney’s office dropped charges against Asa Eslocker, the ABC producer who was arrested during the Democratic National Convention last month.

The decision to drop charges against Eslocker was reported Thursday, three workdays before Eslocker’s court hearing.

Although Eslocker’s attorney, Dan Recht, acknowledge that police¬† “tried to censor the information that Mr. Eslocker and his crew sought to disseminate to the public,” ABC will not pursue legal action against the Denver Police Department.

So police departments around the country will continue making these arrests because even though the charges eventually get dropped, police succeed in censoring and quashing the First Amendment rights of photographers and journalists.

To ABC’s credit, they at least ran the planned story on corporate lobbyists and the money they spent at the Democratic National Convention, which is what Eslocker was working on when he got arrested.

But by not pursuing legal action against the Denver Police Department, they make one wonder who is pulling their strings.