Republican National Convention coverage

Minneapolis-St. Paul police have been raiding homes of people who plan to protest and document the upcoming Republican National Convention, confiscating cameras and laptops and arresting five people on “conspiracy to riot” charges.

One of the homes raided was the headquarters of Food Not Bombs, an international antiwar organization known to provide food for the homeless.

But police were mainly interested in the “RNC Welcoming Committee”, a self-described anarchist group that vowed on its Website it was going to “crash the convention”.

Police say they confiscated weapons, explosives and ingredients to make Molotov cocktails and disrupt buses.

The RNC Welcoming Committee said that police also confiscated “computers, boxes of protest literature, maps, cell phones, digital cameras, a video camera, the landlord’s pvc piping, and poster making supplies.”

The group posted a video today vowing they will protest the convention as planned.