Rather than sit around and wait to see if Lunar Pages would be able to retrieve the eight blog posts they wiped out, I was able to retrieve them using Google Cache.

This was the obvious solution but it didn’t strike me until a reader named Tom suggested it in the comments section of my previous rant.

So thanks to Tom. And thanks to reader ScruffyDan, who emailed me all my missing posts from his RSS feed. Unfortunately, this did not recover the portion of the posts cut off by the “more” tag that I use to condense the posts on the main page.

And thanks to the numerous suggestions for new hosting companies. I plan on researching them tonight.

I still need to replace the comments from these posts, which will be retrieved using Google Cache. However, in some of the posts, I’ve noticed that not all the comments were cached.

Now I need to contact Lunar Pages first thing in the morning before they decide to revert my blog to last Friday’s database, which would wipe out the weekend’s posts, including my lengthy rant against them, something I’m sure they would love to do.

And hopefully I can eventually get back to the business of this blog without anymore annoying distractions.