Update: Deputies threatened to arrest man’s 12-year-old daughter for “unlawful photography”.

Update: So what exactly is “unlawful photography” anyway?

And yet another law enforcement officer proves clueless of the First Amendment.

This time it was a Johnson County Sheriff’s deputy, who said he “feared for his life”, when civilian Scott Conover snapped a photo of him with an IPhone during a traffic stop in Tennessee on June 6th.

A Johnson County sheriff’s deputy arrested Scott Conover for unlawful photography.

“He says you took a picture of me.  It’s illegal to take a picture of a law enforcement officer,” said Conover.

The deputy, who was not named in the article, ordered Conover three times to delete the photos before arresting him.

“Here’s a guy who takes me out of the car and arrests me in front of my kids.  For what?  To take a picture of a police officer?” said Conover.

The deputy claims Conover pointed a laser at him, which terrified him, but the IPhone does not even emit a laser.

Also, another law enforcement officer who witnessed the arrest stated that the deputy kept asking Conover about the camera, never about a laser.

Conover is scheduled for court on August 6th.