Another video has emerged showing an overly aggressive New York City cop brutalizing a citizen.

This time, it is officer Maurice Harrington repeatedly bashing the legs of a suspect as another cop tries to handcuff him.

The suspect, 46-year-old Michael Cephus, can be heard yelling out in pain as witnesses protest the beating.

According to the New York Post, the two men who filmed the incident were arrested for disorderly conduct, but were able to slip the tape to one of Cephus’ friends before the arrest.

Cephus, a truck driver, claims the officers attacked him for no reason.

“I was with some friends at a cookout,” he said. “I stepped out of the park to get some ice. The officers told me I couldn’t return because they said I had alcohol. I told them it was only ice.

“They thought I was drunk and they just came at me. They started swinging and hitting me with the batons.”

It was only a day earlier where another video emerged showing officer Patrick Pogan body slamming a cyclist off his bike and arresting him before charging his with assault on a police officer.

If these videos are not enough to wake up the average American into realizing that many officers are not the brave heroes they claim to be, but rather chickenshit bullies, then maybe this video would. Or this video. Or this video. Or this video.

These videos infuriate me because it reminds me of my arrest when the cops repeatedly bashed my head into the pavement even though they had already handcuffed me.

I wonder how my arresting officers would have acted if they were off-duty and alone without their guns.

I would love to find out.