There are conservatives and there are neocons. There are republicans and there are repugs.

My dad was a fiscally conservative republican who was socially liberal. He was a Goldwater republican. Before he passed away in 2003, he told me that Bush had stolen the election and was sending our country to hell by starting a war in Iraq. Funny how we tended to agree on things the older we got.

Neocons and repugs, on the other hand, are ignoramuses who have complete faith in our government. They believe the State is there to protect them. They are the anti-Reagans.

Usually, these idiots contain themselves to their 24 percent segment of the population where they still insist that WMDs will eventually be found in Iraq.

But every once in a while, they manage to get loose, as they did this week when a horde of neocon repugs escaped the neanderthaloic Conservative Cave website to swarm my blog in order to mock me for my less than perfect verdict.

They found out about my trial on Democratic Underground, a site I used to post with much frequency until I discovered the joys of blogging.

These neocons remember me because a couple of years ago, they invited me over to their sister site, Conservative Underground, for a debate. They piled on me with the usual load of rubbish right-wing talking points. When I started responding with sensible liberal arguments, they kicked me off their site.

I didn’t take it personally because DU always kicks neocons off its site. Because of the strict discriminatory practices on both sites, the two sides rarely get to debate.

So when the neocon repugs saw the DU thread about my verdict, which lead to my blog post, they wet their dockers because this would allow them to bash a liberal on a site that does not practice such harsh discriminatory practices.

This prompted a few of my DU teammates to pop in for a round or two with the neocon repugs, who were saying I got what I received because I refused to abide by the police authorit-tay.

So before I knew it, my blog was Ground Zero of a comment war. If anybody remembers the original article Rebecca Wakefield posted on the now defunct about my arrest, then you might remember the heavy comment war between DU and CU forced the site’s server to crash.

Interestedly, at least two conservative republicans left comments about my verdict in the same comment section, but they took a much more Constitutional approach to it.

Fellow bloggers Srcohiba and Henry Gomez are right-wing fanatics. As a left-wing fanatic, I disagree with their stances on Cuba and American policy.

But the First Amendment is an issue the three of us respect, unlike the neocon repugs, who believe our First Amendment rights should be stripped if it makes us safer from the terrorists.

Srcohiba and Henry Gomez have pledged their full support towards my cause, despite knowing I am a Raging Liberal.

Henry, like Srcohiba, writes for the right-wing Cuban blog, Babalu. He was the only other non-court employee in the courtroom besides my mom and my aunt when the verdict was read at 11:45 p.m. Tuesday night.

He had been in jury duty earlier that day and chose to remain until the verdict was read. Then he stepped out into the hallway, fired up his Macbook and posted the verdict in the comments section of one my previous posts.

And it was from there that members of the Democratic Underground picked up the information and posted it on DU. By the time I got home that night, after having a couple of beers with my attorney at the Loggerhead, the news was already spreading through the World Wide Web.

And it’s moments like these that give me hope for our country; moments that show that although there are great divides that separate the republicans from the democrats, there are a few bridges that connect us.

The Kool-Aid drinking neocon repugs, however, are a hopeless case.