Fortunately, my Canon TX1 is still under warranty. And fortunately, I put my two Canon 5Ds under plastic wrap as soon as the downpour came because they are not under warranty.

And fortunately, I was able to put together a five-minute video of last Friday’s protest at the  U.S. Conference of Mayor’s in downtown Miami as well as a few photos, despite water seeping into the microphone of the TX1 and rendering it unable to record audio.

Yes, it was a wet one, all right.

But despite the rain, more than 250 protesters from various cities throughout the United States marched from Overtown to the Intercontinental Hotel in a New Orleans style funeral procession. They sang and danced and chanted while a jazz band played and marched.

The protesters were demanding that the mayors attend to the real issues affecting American cities, especially affordable housing.

But if history is any indicator, these demands will fall on deaf ears.

I wonder who the idiot was who forgot to include the apostrophe in the word “America’s”.

Click below to view more photos.

These boxes represent coffins.

These guys were not part of the protest but it was definitely worth a photo.

I ended up seeking shelter in the Metromover because the rain was coming down so hard.