I am dying to upload the video I shot during the Code Pink demonstration in which I got assaulted by a Cuban exile.

However, I am still trying to acquire a photo taken by Roberto Koltun of El Nuevo Herald, who was about three feet from the incident when it happened.

He told me he got some good shots, but the editors chose to run other photos with the article.

The photo would be like the cherry on top of a sundae for the video. It would come on screen as soon as my video camera gets shut down during the melee.

Because everything he shoots is property of the Miami Herald, I have to go through the Herald’s archives department to acquire licensing rights for the photo. And this has taken several days so far.

They need to know what resolution size photo I will need, where I’m going to run the photo, for what duration of time, for what purpose, etc.

And they still haven’t told me how much this will cost. And they might even end up disapproving my request.

I am almost tempted to upload the video without the photo because the video is strong as it is. But I tend to be nitpicky about these things.

If I upload the video today, then end up getting the photo tomorrow, it will just drive me mad.

So please bear with me.