Two dozen Brooklyn photographers weathered snow flurries and freezing temperatures on Sunday to make a stand for photographers’ rights.

You gotta love New Yorkers.

The protest was in response to an incident that occurred a week earlier when a Metropolitan Transportation Authority police officer harassed video artist Katherin McInnis, threatening to confiscate her video camera, even though she was filming from a public sidewalk.

And that incident is the latest in a long-line of incidents involving MTA officers.

The photo below was taken by Flatbush Gardener, who gave me permission to post this photo. I like the snow flurries in this photo as well as the way that guy is standing on the railing with the sign that says, “no standing anytime”.

Click here to see the rest of Flatbush Gardener‘s photos or click on the links below to see more photos from other photographers who attended the protest.