In an incident that was captured on video, Local 10 reporter Jeff Weinsier was arrested in October on charges that he was “trespassing on school property”.

However, the unedited video of the incident shows that at no point was Weinsier ever standing on school grounds.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office had no choice but to drop all charges against him two weeks later.

Even the fact that Weinsier was carrying a loaded pistol had no legal consequence against him because he had a concealed weapons permit, not to mention the fact that it was discovered after the false arrest.

Now Weinsier is suing the Miami-Dade School Police Department as well as the Miami-Dade School Board on claims of false arrest, infliction of emotional distress and malicious persecution, according to a Local 10 article.

Weinsier filed the suit as a private citizen. WPLG-TV, who owns Local 10, has nothing to do with it.

Meanwhile, it has been almost a year since my arrest and my trial has yet to start.

During that time, the prosecutor in my case was fired, one of the arresting officers’ was killed and my attorney withdrew from representation under mutual agreement.

If I ever go to trial, I might represent myself despite the old proverb that says, “only a fool defends himself in court”.

But it also takes a fool to see that a lawyer did not coin that phrase.