You Are Not Behind

You are not behind if you have chosen a different route, and you are not behind if you choose to leave the mainstream.

One of the things I see in people entering the workforce after high school or college is often times a belief that they are behind. They believe that they have lost time, that their choices in school are defunct or they have mistakes.

They believe they have been heading in the wrong direction for too long, they believe they are lost. Many times they are. However, school has built up a negative relationship with failure, they have made missteps something to be ashamed of.

Changing your ways, and going down a new route does not mean you are behind. You are not wrong, you have nothing to be ashamed about. You should be proud of any road you walk down, not the fake pride of pretending you are happy, but the genuine pride of recognizing you feel you have chosen the correct route for yourself.

Wherever you chose to go, whatever road you chose to take, you are not behind for choosing to take a different one.

I like this message a lot. Standard Schooling really instils a feeling of competitiveness that makes people feel like they are falling behind

I also think people get really scared from a lack of skills, and they think they can't provide anything. They can, but coming into an environment they don't believe they can help in is detrimental to them helping