Everyone thinks they can fix education

You Can’t Fix Education – Hank Green – Medium

We are aware of the need to revolutionize education but we haven't stopped to ask if it's possible.

Hank Green, the famous scientist behind many of YouTube's number one education show "Crash Course", talks about how education hasn't been changed dramatically because...it can't be? However true it may be that education has been infested with bureaucracy and regulation, it is still somewhat necessary for society. We hold education close because, in many ways, it does offer a lot of opportunity. As we see school grow, especially in high schools and universities, we find more obvious problems such as a lack of autonomy and respect. Green would probably say that there isn't much we can do to solve that. Do you have any ideas?

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H a n k G r e e n is a C O M M U N I S T (crash course seriously keeps a bust of Karl Marx in the background of it's econ vids though :/)


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