An old question to get u thinking .
Why do schools break for 6-7 weeks in the summer -in most industrialised countries ?
It's the cheapest time to run big buildings during warm summer months. So, cost (benefits ) isn't the reason .
Also , if schools organised holiday periods to suit local needs , then there wouldn't be the vast Vacation cost price hike due to all kids being out of school at the same time . Nope , not that then .
What's your answer . It's the Break Room , so don't Google for it .
let's hear your answers . It's really a very simple reason .
Clue : What type of jobs did most people do when schools 1st started ...well over 100 yrs ago btw .
THINK .... ( it may become a vital skill in a world becoming AI everything.... but can AI create the way us hoooomans can .. Use it -your brain- or lose it )

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It's a gallant attempt ish28 - but ir's not the reason why schools specifically take their longest break during what would be the cheapest time to run it - in the longer summer months . Question is -why are the schools off -en masse during summer in the vast majority of industrialised nations ? As it makes little sense to do so !



I think schools break up to give kids a break. There are positives and negatives to breaks and no breaks, and some pros are: breaks give kids time to relax. No long breaks ensure that kids are not taking too much time off and forgetting material. Cons: Breaks might cause some kids to lose memory of material, but the ones that keep studying get a leg up. No long breaks might stress kids out because the school year is too long. Great question!