What Is Your Path?

The above is a question which we have all asked ourselves. It is a question necessary for all people to ask of themselves, in order to find what life they wish to lead. It is a question which cannot be answered when your life is subject to someone else’s will.

by Cade Summers


It is the most relevant question for any individual who wishes to lead a life their own. It is a question which the schools of today do not ask and that is why I ask it.

In education today, one standard package---one standard path---is delivered unto all students as though it is the sole truth of how one should learn. Here, we recognize that individuals lead individual lives, and that their education should reflect their traits, interests, desires, goals and dreams. Individuals who dream of music, should live their life in pursuit of a symphony. Individuals who dream of math, should live their life in pursuit of an equation. Individuals who do not know what to dream, should not be swept away on the current of life and have the world decide their place for them, nor should schools push them into this reality.

When I ask the question above, it is to ask you whether your are following your own truth. When you go to school, are you happy? Are you leading a life in pursuit of your goals, or in tune with your values? If you do not know those things, consider “is there anything that is more worth learning than what you would choose to live for”, both in achievement and in belief?

Has school helped you answer for yourself, the question of “what is my path?”, rather than placing you on one based upon arbitrary grades? If it has not, than this why I ask. School did not help me discover any truths either, and I wish to offer you this moment, to ask, what is your path? And most importantly, are you sure that your path lies through school?

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