Education Resources (by field of study)
Contributed by Cade Summers

Education Resources (by field of study)
Contributed by Cade Summers

Social Studies:


  • 3Blue1Brow: this is the channel where Jeffrey gets maybe 60% of his problem-solving problems.
  • Mathloger: does videos on general math equations, and historically important math equations. (Riemann's Paradox, Ramanujan: making sense of 1+2+3...= -1/12)
  • Numberphile: Probably my favorite youtube channel. They do videos on every kind of mathematical principle you can think of, number theory, group theory, game theory, primes, and much, much, much more. Everything on their channel is good so here is a link:


  • Mimic Method: A language learning website with the central premise that people should learn language through sound, rhythm, and melody, rather than conventional methods.
  • Langfocus: Great channel that does videos on everything linguistic

English literature I find to be too subjective to have a good basis to learn from. That said, my only resource is The School of Life who has a great playlist about the famous authors of the English language.

  • Kurzgesagt (In a Nutshell): They do really informative videos on all sorts of Science topics.
  • Veritasium does many studies on many different subjects in a really informative and journalistic manner
  • Real Engineering: Maybe Math, Maybe Science, either way, they do a good job explaining interesting mathematical concepts.
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