Scotty's Car Talk Podcast Of Thursday March 15 At 1 PM CST

Scotty's Car Talk Podcast Of Thursday March 15 At 1 PM CST

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 50 years, answers all your car questions LIVE on Saturday mornings at 10 AM CST and Thursday afternoons at 1 PM CST. Join in on the fun then and get your own car questions answered LIVE by a guy who knows cars.

Scotty, I heard the question at the end of the talk about the Volvo. I recently got a 2000 Volvo V70 FWD Non-turbo wagon. Car now has 135,000 on it. What do you think about the older 93-2000 Volvo 850/V70 wagons? Any major mechanical things to watch out for? I've had no problems with mine in the 6 months I've owned it and I've heard they can go 250,000 miles no problem. I was careful to find one with service records that had been well maintained since it was bought lightly used in 2003 so hopefully mine will hold up.


they were OK, but all the FWD volvos are nothing compared to the old RWD ones. Good luck though

Thanks for the reply. I'm a fan of the RWD Volvos as well. They're slow but steady. Have you found the inline 5 non-turbo engine and automatic transmission to hold up pretty well in those older 93-2000 850/V70 Volvos?


scotty my car’s smoke is black is that good i have lexus ls 460 2013

yes, the non turbo ones hold up. black smoke in the lexus means it's running rich, which is bad.


thanks but are cvt automatics good in bus and trucks