Scotty's Car Talk Podcast Of Thursday Feb 8 at 1 PM CST

Scotty's Car Talk Podcast Of Thursday Feb 8 at 1 PM CST

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 50 years, answers your car questions every
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My dodge nitro keeps cranking ! The mechanics changed the crankshaft sensor and the fuel pump but nothing has helped .

Hey Scotty, my name is April Davis and I love your videos, they help out a lot. My 2005 Jeep Liberty engine piston shattered in July 2015. The vehicle and engine have been sitting outside and collecting dust and my parents keep telling me just to buy an engine for it. It doesn’t have a title. I’m iffy about getting an engine because other parts might go out and I’ll be putting even more money into it. Should I get an engine for it or let the bank take it back and get another vehicle? Thank you for reading my question

as for dodge, watch this video As for jeep, get rid of it

We have changed everything you mentioned in the video, still nothing :(

then have the computer and wiring checked by a pro, and make SURE the anti theft system isn't stuck on theft mode