How To Ask Scotty Questions LIVE

How To Ask Scotty Questions LIVE

Learn how you can ask Scotty LIVE car questions every Thursday at 1 30 PM Central Standard Time and Saturday at 10 30 AM Central Standard time. Right here at On The Road With Scotty.


Scotty i've a 2003 nissan Sentra . When ever I drive it and stop it stays in first gear. I order for me to get in change i've to turn it off an restart it .what you think is causing this ?

if starting and stopping always works, it's a computer module failure. Often a bad transmission control module

Hi Mr Scotty I’m have a white smoke in my car I think is a head gasket so I want to use steel seal but I don’t know if I have to empty the antifreeze tank or not .

bad tcm module is commong

best to empty it out, put in pure water, then try sealers

Hi Scotty! My 1983 Mercedes 300SD's air conditioning stopped working recently. Had worked well until it didn't work at all. The ventilation and heat work well. The electric auxilary fan does not spin. The underhood fuses look good. Thank you!


those have that insane chrysler designed HVAC systems, often the control assembly goes bad

Hi Scotty my nephew car is running hot but it is not leaking coolant?

my fiat palio 1.2 has got funny idling sound and smoke iss black with the smell of fuel

black means it's running rich, check the fuel injectors for internal leakage

I have a 05 Lexus LS430 with 119000 miles on it and all services done at the dealer, it also just got a new timing belt kit, can I expect this car to go hundreds of thousands of miles like other Toyot


yes, just realize being a V8 it will be a gas hog

Scotty 2012 128i stick vs 2012 gti stick. Which do you recommend? I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty on DYS projects but I’m no expert.

Scotty, also, I recently test drove a Toyota CHR. I know Toyotas are reliable but the car has numb and vague steering and...no “driving soul”. I want something reliable but the car makes me feel...nothing, should I get it anyways?

if you want reliable transportation, yes

Thanks Scotty. Love your slogan!!