Never never buy a modded Subaru outback


Ha. I know. I wouldn't be able to if I wanted to. She'd make me move into it if I brought it home to her but if it came with the dog at least I'd have pleasant company. lol jk.

All kidding aside, I like to buy used cars. Is there a reliable age range of used Subaru that wont leave oil in my driveway?

subarus have head gasket problems, period. I would not advise buying one myself.

I had a 2001 subaru legacy. It got me 322,000km or 200,000 miles and the head gasket went. I had to replace the rear wiper motor. Transmission coolant lines rotted under the battery and needed to be replaced. Great for the winter driving in the North. I wouldn't pay much for one though.

Get a Toyota RAV4 once that Subaru is sold.

I like how u guys always suggest for people to buy Toyota’s every time. No everyone is into Toyota’s.


Varantla..... Sorry to say in a lot of cases, it is cheaper to repair/maintain a Toyota versus other makes.... I presently own/drive/modify Audi's in some cases \i have to get parts custom made.... Look at that Video Scotty did on the BMW electric water pump.. that is a classic example of what it costs to keep some of this stuff on the road.....

Person wants awd.. look at an Audi Quattro.... say 2000/2001 they have the 1.8T tat

grrr fat fingers.... anyway, 1.8t that is used on the varoius VAG made cars... I have a 2001 here that starts in 40 below like it was a new car.. NOT PLUGGED IN !

Strongly consider getting a Toyota. Reliable. Company has pride-of-ownership. Parts relatively inexpensive & readily available. Best marque for the long haul: Toyota.

Varantla, what make(s) are you into if you're not into Toyota?

Believe it or not I have 2 Toyota’s lmfao. 2011 Camry and Avalon. Both run good, but also have an Altima 2015 that I’m sure non of you would recommend. But I got it to test the company, to see REALLLY for my self if Renault really screwed Nissan. But my ownership has been very good, just as good as Toyota’s. My point in my previous comment was that other people might like other make of cars. And believe me, if it’s JDM they should be good.