My wife says she never gets to pick her car so this time she wants an Outback Wagon. I said Ok. …

Never never buy a modded Subaru outback


Ha. I know. I wouldn't be able to if I wanted to. She'd make me move into it if I brought it home to her but if it came with the dog at least I'd have pleasant company. lol jk.

All kidding aside, I like to buy used cars. Is there a reliable age range of used Subaru that wont leave oil in my driveway?

subarus have head gasket problems, period. I would not advise buying one myself.

I had a 2001 subaru legacy. It got me 322,000km or 200,000 miles and the head gasket went. I had to replace the rear wiper motor. Transmission coolant lines rotted under the battery and needed to be replaced. Great for the winter driving in the North. I wouldn't pay much for one though.