Lady With A 57 Chevy She Never Let Go Of

Lady With A 57 Chevy She Never Let Go Of

Here's a lady who bought the right car in 1957 and is still driving it down the road. Too bad they don't make me like that anymore.

When I first watched that video months ago, it just broke my heart to see how a lot of people aren't taking care of their cars, therefore, excessive wear and tear. The car sounds great too and in fact, my grandmother's first car was also a 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air, like the one in the video, except that it was a convertible and in baby blue.

whoa, being a rag tap that baby would be worth a fortune if she still had it

Today people never would have guessed it - that you are supposed to put gas into a taillight!

If guys steals this car they would run out of gas in 10 miles and never figure out how to fill it up again

Not having seatbelts kind of sucks

I don't know if the owner of that Chevy is still alive. Either way, it would be worth millions.

rare 1 :O

rare 1