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American Mustang Power 664 Stock Horsepower

2013 Shelby Cobra 664 Stock Horsepower. Insane power from a vehicle you can buy from Ford and is street legal.

The 2013 Shelby cobra was the last car Mr. Shelby had a personal hand in. He died just before its release. With 664 stock horsepower, it'a an awsome machine to drive. And Scotty got to do just that for week. Watch the result here.

The muscle car era ended for me when cars got smog pumps and catalysts in 73. At the age of 14 I'd already fixed my share of cars and was heartbroken of the thought that I might never own one of those fabulous high horsepower cars like a Mustang or Corvette. I admit I didn't see the high horsepower revival coming - but I'm damn glad it did - Thanks Carroll - (just occurred to me that the first three letters of his first name is "Car" - weird or what?

Yea, Carroll was a character. Lived just up the road from Houston here. He is sadly missed by many.d

Love this car

yea, and if you ever drove one, you would be enraptured. Speed and handling in a Rear wheel Drive screamer

Here's Scotty's review of the 2007 Shelby Cobra. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Hm2Deg9ATs

Ford Mustangs GT500 is an all-time favorite muscle car for me!!

Love it. Bring that one up here.