Why NOT To Use Valet Parking

Scotty Shows Why You Shouldn't Use Valet Parking If You Want Your Car Back In One Piece. And He Shows How To Prevent Damage IF You Have To Use Valet

Scotty Kilmer, Mechanic for the last 49 years, shows why you should consider NEVER to use valet parking. Do you really want the poorest trained, poorest paid, and youngest member of any staff driving your prized possession?

If you absolutely HAVE to use valet parking, Scotty shows how to make sure any damage done is paid for by the valet insurance.

Sounds like I should do this before dropping truck off at Sam's Club for tire service or any auto shop for that matter.

It's hard to believe that rich people want kids to park their car for them. When I say kids, I mean people in their early to mid 20's.

In NYC there is no avoiding them -- cars are packed in like sardines in a garage you need a pro to move them around.

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