Why NOT To Install A Cold Air Intake

Why NOT To Install A Cold Air Intake

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 50 years, shows why it's a dumb idea to install a cold air intake on your stock car. Kids do it all the time, but really, what do they know about engineering?

I am one of those fools that put a cold air intake on my vehicle. Started having issues with acceleration, found that the oil from the filter was getting onto MAF sensor and screwing up its readings. But was able to clean with appropriate cleaner

Live and learn

According to this infographic a Cold air intake adds 200 hp to your boring old Japanese econobox

ha ha ha, pictures can lie

So I just bought a 2001 Celica GT that has an aftermarket air intake. Could this be a possible reason why I’m getting a P0300 code? My dad thought it needed a new gasket and when we pulled everything off I saw these guys circled here. I have no idea what they are supposed to be for. I’m new to all this repair stuff so I’m just trying to figure it all out. Any help would be appreciated so, so much!

yes, that can cause all those problems going away from stock

Changed it to stock and P0300 codes are gone! But... then we realized car was automatic and got switched over to standard. Got the correct ECU and now we’re pulling P0752 and P0758. There’s some electrical components dangling in the engine bay... might be that. Not sure if I’m doing this all right, but I’m trying to improve the car bit by bit.

good luck, that car looks like some real fools were working on it before

It’s definitely going to be a work in progress

Lol I used one of those k&n vent filters to make a Christmas tree ornament once 😂

Hi scotty have been watching your channel for a couple months now you really explain what your doing at the time very well so the average person can understand not like the tradies lingo which we call it down here in Melbourne Victoria Australia unfortunately in this country we have a shortage of good auto electricians which im going to ask you a question on my 1996 Volkswagen transporter 2.5ltr petrol 5cylinder i think ive got a problem with the mass inflow sensor or one of the sensors os there a way of checking them if i dont hav a diagnostic test tool or do you no which one i should buy and where since i live in Melbourne Victoria Australia