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Why NOT To Buy An Auto Stop/Start Car

Why NOT To Buy An Auto Stop/Start Car

Scotty shows how it may not be such a great idea to buy one of the new cars with automatic stop and start systems. Yes, they may save a tiny amount of gas, but the wear on the engine and electronics is probably not worth it as he explains.

Realize that in General Motors cars that have auto stop/start, they don't give you the option to shut it off. The only way to "shut it off" is to have the A/C running. Then it won't shut off and start up again.

This is Samantha Marks emailing you from Summit Chevrolet looking for Leslie Delcarmen. We are further investigating your vehicle and we are finding an extreme amount of aftermarket wiring within the vehicle constantly pulling draw from the battery. Due to the wiring issues we are already $500 of diagnose into the vehicle and we are still needing more time to find the point of failure. We are contacting you to see if you wish to continue with diagnoses or if you would wish to tow the vehicle elsewhere. Please contact me back as soon as possible. This is my email or can call me at 315-258-2000. Thank you and have a great day.

I hope you can helping me

This happening afhter walmart
employee change oil before the change oil my car have good comdition

Typical GM, they don't even give the option to make em cheaper that way

Hi me Scotty I’m buying the steel seal for my car blown head gasket so before I poor the steel seal should I empty the anti freez I have in my radiator or I will just leave the antifreeze and I add the steel seal . Thx I’m so confuse with that.

empty the coolant first, it works best with pure water. good luck