The Myth Of Lifetime Transmission Fluid

The Myth Of Lifetime Transmission Fluid

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the lat 50 years, dispels the myth of lifetime automatic transmission fluid that's currently being touted by manufacturers. ALL fluids break down and then so does the transmission, as Scotty explains.

I kind of get it why manufacturers do that. Everybody is moving to proprietary fluids and they'd rather declare the tranny sealed for life than deal with guys who put the wrong fluid and burned out the transmission. Also there is a bunch aftermarket fluids on the market who clame to be compatible w the OEM stuff but there is no proof. So this whole field is a mess.

yea, but that's all an excuse to make them fall apart faster once the warranty is done then you buy another car which is what they want

The engineers who make the lifetime fluid call it lifetime for a reason. The reason is that it's supposed to last the lifetime of the car.

yes, but what is that "lifetime"? They want to sell you another vehicle as soon as possible, they don't want them lasting all that long

Manufacturers these days only care about satisfying the original new car buyer so he keeps on buying new cars. The deadbeats who will buy it used can go jump in the lake They put tech which makes cars perform great with minumum hassle but shortens the lifespan.