The Best Fix Of The Week

The Best Fix Of The Week April 19

Every week, Scotty has a contest for the best car repair fix that viewers have made. You can join the contest yourself. OR you can watch the video and learn some cool new fixes. Or even do BOTH.

I have a 2003 Subaru Legacy it was running good till my son drove thru a flooded road way and the transmission cooler line started spraying transmission fluid every where I had the line repaired but now the transmission revs up before it starts to move and I get the codes P0733 and P0734 incorrect gear ratio I brought the car used and only had it for about a week but the previous owner swears that the transmission was fine. Any ides on what i should do ?? I

tranny is shot now, no way past that. They have crappy trannys and losing fluid finished it off

tHanks Scotty i am getting rid of the car as soon as possible