How To Buy Your First Car

How To Buy Your First Car Correctly

Buying your first car can be a scary situation. But, Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 50 years, shows you how to do it the right way and not get stuck with a lemon.

Well Scotty, I think you got mechanical competition with someone. Bernie Pawliks opinion on cars is usually more positive than yours and also different. While you like ford made American cars, he’s a fiercely happy Chevy Boy. Now you and him have the same opinion on Chrysler but when he compares Toyota and Honda, he actually likes the Honda’s a lot and did not say anything about transmissions. He also says that Honda’s keep gettin better and better. He’s also old like you so that’s why I think he’s your best competitor, which also won a lot of awards. He likes Subaru’s although the problems you and him catch are quite a different experience. He also says Mazda automatics and Subaru automatics are just fine. What you think about that one? You 2 would be rivals, he’d carry a Camaro and you carry a mustang.

mazda autos have stunk for years, and still do

@ScottyKilmer Well, I noticed something, I am not your audience so it was nice negotiating with you and all so I’ll stop right there. Bye bye and have a nice time.

Ok Mr.Twelve year old- why don't we stop commenting on the big boy videos.