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Five Things To NEVER Say To A Mechanic

Five Things To NEVER Say To A Mechanic

Scotty shows 5 things you should NEVER say to a mechanic if you want you car fixed correctly and as quickly as possible. Being a mechanic for the last 50 years, Scotty knows how to deal with people, and he's teaching you how to deal with mechanics.

Make that 6 things. "I don't care how much it COSTS, just please fix my car"

Hi Scotty, I always watch your videos and really like the content. I have problem with my car, not gonna waste your time. I have a 07 V6 Mustang and someone tried to help me towing it out. During that he put hook in the right tie rod and bent it. Which wrecked the bearings, both sides tie rods and lower ball joints(Maybe from towing or just an old problem). So I get the bent tie rod replaced and replaced both of the bearings by my self but after sometime the passenger side bearing start making noises all of a sudden when I took my car on highway. The car had bad alignment at that time, the passenger side tire was bent inward. So I thought it might be the manufacturer defect , then I replaced the bearing again. Same thing happened when I took my car on highway. After replacing the other bad tie rod, I took it for alignment when I notice that it needs new lower ball joints and the mechanics told me that the bad alignment can never wreck the bearing. What do you think is the reason for wrecking the bearing twice?? thank you

bad alignment will wreck bearings if far off. If bearings sit cock eyed, even a few thousandths of an inch, it will wear them out early


Well I replaced both side wheel hub assembly and the driver side is completely fine while the passenger side went bad twice. So I assume it’s because the tire was really off. Plus when I replaced the hub assembly for the second time, there was literally no gap b/w bearing and knuckle, so it has to be alignment. I really appreciate your help you solved my problem. You really rock Scotty👍🏻. Keep up the good work and thanks for your time. Have the most wonderful day of your life

thanks for the compliments.


Have a 1997 gmc 1500 pick up with 4.3 vortec throttle body that want start im getting spark and fuel but want start can you help me out

check the spark plugs, if they are wet, it's flooding out, often leaking injectors on that engine