Are CVT Transmissions Any Good?

Are Modern Cars With CVT Transmissions Any Good?

Modern cars are going towards a new design of transmissions called CVT. Scotty explains the history of transmissions and what he thinks about buying a modern car with a CVT tranny. His 50 years of fixing cars gives him a unique perspective on the truth.

There is nothing wrong with CVTs as such, it's Jatco trannies used in Nissans and a bumch of others have known probs they have done nothing to fix. Also some manufacturers cheapen out and put too small a CVT into too big/heavy/powerful a car. So they go out prematurely.

So, in other words, they often are not very good. Yea,an interesting idea, like the wankel rotary engine, but those wankels proved to be disasters when people actually massed produced them and drove them every day. The mazda cosmos being a perfect example of good idea gone bad.

Wankels have probs inherent in the design. Nissan CVTs suffer from weak bearings and sticking valves which are not unique to CVTs. The "CVT" part of the tranny is actually quite strong.

Great video. What about the recent addition of more gears to automatic transmissions? We had 3 speed with OD automatics in 80's and then a bump to 4 and 5-speed autos throughout the 90's and early 2000's. Then 6-speed automatics seem to be the norm in the mid-2000's. Now, we have 8-speed and even a 10-speed automatic (new Honda Odyssey). More gears means smoother shifting and better gas mileage, but are we setting ourselves up for $10,000 transmission rebuild costs in the future?

I have a 96 acura tl got everything on it new its runs great has 220000 miles on it and i was thinking about selling it to get a expedition on Craigslist because i love big SUV's should i take that chance or just keep the car i have

stick there, expeditions turn into money pits as they age

i like cvt on my honda acord 2017

Lets hope you can say that in 5 years

hehehe dont scare me i hope it last forever

i live in acountry have no mountain to go up or down just flat earth so its good for cvt gears

How do you know its time to change the transmission fluid on a CVT transmission

I would do it every 40 to 60 thousand miles,, cause it wears very gradually and if you go by them acting up, it's too late then

@r8989k just enjoy what you like buying, there is always a trade off buying anything. Besides you got a very refined Honda especially when you turbo charged it. I also understand manuals are not the most pleasant for drivers taking it easy. You also got a much better handling vehicle than a Toyota. One more thing, I do not like how he always doubts on people making decisions freely but I won’t do that, good luck👍.

Yes, all that is true. You are a wise person.