Why is car insurance so high

Why is car insurance so high; I paid $500 for the year and my car is only worth $500

Every year my car value drops while my car insurance goes up, does not make any sense to me while my car is worth less money my insurance is more expensive, but could be probably because the minimum wage is going up and inflation goes up.

Who's your insurance company? They take into consideration your age, driving record, where you live, and so on. You might think about switching insurance companies. If you have a dash cam some companies offer discounts for running one in your car.

Nobody has done a YouTube video on that; it would be great to see one plus it would be original.

insurance companies are greedy capitalistic companies, that's why. When they want to make money, they just raise their rates. And corrupt politicians who are in their pockets allow them to do so. That's why.

Thanks for taking your time and replying back to your fans :) I hope you make a video on that because it would be a new Fresh idea and original

i have had allstate for years..never saw the check in the commercial!..they list a little discount section on my policy when i renew...but then the whole price is higher than last year! i call them and always get some bogus answer like >oh your states prices went up so our price to you goes up...basically when you buy insurance find the one the dealer says pays and responds fast when your car gets hit...next its where you live ...if you are rural its cheaper...like florida its double the price but if you move to lower florida its triple the price for insurance ..and sometimes liability is the best bet with uninsured and underinsured with a higher medical...really...save money to put in your car than pay zero deduct with fire theft vandalism like i have for years

with a great driving record and rural insurance with allstate and zero deduct and fire theft vandalism..higher medical...my insurance on a older car has been insane..if i dont drive my cars everyday im losing money...i have recently got rid of allstate and picked up a cheaper ins co acceptance with liability, higher med , tow policy,unisured and underinsured. im happier...way cheaper

the value to replace your car is another factor...on insurance price

credit rating will jack price up..if your single..you smoke...driving record..past claims ..etc

if your under 30 higher...supped up sporty car higher...

So here is a fun, little story about how it seems some of these insurance companies are doing what the german auto companies are currently in big trouble for. That "hey were separate companies but we want to work together to control the market" type of monopoly crap that many national entities here at home seem to do nowadays. These are my top picks for this collusion and here is why, first off the contenders State Farm, Allstate, Farmers, and Carstar. It would surprise me not if there are actually more participants in this game that are trying to compete while trying to keep their hands a little cleaner. Maybe some roadside entity AAA or some such, though I believe AAA still has a decent reputation. First off I can confirm that Allstate and Statefarm are in cahoots with Carstar from an experience from a not a fault accident gone wrong. Farmers is more me just being suspicious and the hole AllStateFarmers seems like a good enough possibility considering all have been criticized in the past for there similar tactics in handling claims. When confronted they claim this is what all insurance companies do, hmm, I wonder why? I had a carstar employees straight up tell me they were partnered with both Allstate and Statefarm not realizing I had American Family, not Allstate. Also if anyone ever got curious there is a pretty little black hole on information on how carstar was created, and it expanded from apparently 14 locations to over 500 in under 25 years. Seems a little fast without big money backing that. Though that's why we have a Dobbs or Jiffy lube near any outlet mall because big money funded it. I would try to steer clear of those three insurance companies, an whatever you do do not use carstar I took my vehicle to our local dealers collision facility instead and it was 25 percent cheaper, it was longer at the shop, but I had a written guarantee of using new oem parts. Oh, also I had to get the vehicle towed from one facility to another and Statefarm refused, so I had to go through my insurance to get it there. Just remember these are my thoughts and opinions on this from my experience.