We used spray cleaners to clean Throttle body and Air flow sensor. Car is now having a higher idle, runs a little rough, and some system lights coming on. Specifically a blinking lightning bolt and ESP/BAS.

On start up there are no system lights and seems to run fine. After 10-20 minutes the system lights come on and is when symptoms start.

The car is a 2005 Chrysler 300 Limited 3.5 V6 engine.

Any ideas?
Let me know if you need any other information.
Thanks in advance!

first , ONLY use such cleaners with power disconnected to electronics so things don't short out. Odds are now things have been and air flow sensor is generally the easier part to damage. Pray it hasn't shorted out to computer, damaging that. good luck

Thanks Scotty! We got a new air flow sensor and it doesn't seem to be having any issues. If anything changes we'll update.

So, we started seeing the same system lights and symptoms again after I responded to the last comment.

I wish I wrote down the codes we got off the OBD2 code reader. Anyway, one of them gave us an indication of possible EGR valve issues. We changed that, the old one was completely black. After that was changed we went from having a high idle to a low idle. With the system lights occasionally flashing (lightning bolt/ABS/BAS).

After some reading and watching some more of SK's videos we decided to pull fuse 11 to reset. The first time, it seemed like it helped but we pulled it for only a moment. The idle was more consistent but still the same thing.

The second time we pulled fuse 11(about an hour or so ago) we kept it out for 15 minutes. We then let it loose on the freeway for about 30 minutes. Then we let it idle in park for 15 minutes. I've just cycled through reverse and neutral for a few minutes a piece. Currently idling in drive the idle has been steady for the whole time with no system lights or symptoms.

We're hoping it just needed to relearn because we got emissions coming up at the beginning of April.

Just like before we'll continue to update if we see more issues in hopes it helps someone else at some point.

Sorry, that's not ABS system light, it's ESP. Everything was fine till I turned heater on Hi. Now, we're getting low idle again with ESP/BAS system light on and occasional flashing of lightning bolt.

More updates as we progress.

Last weekend I purchased a different type of scanner to diagnose the car. This was a Bluedriver. It gave me all types of information I wasn't getting from our older OBD2 sensor. Mainly it was giving us P0507 that the other scanner wasn't picking up. All avenues we're pointing at throttle body or pcm. So we just changed the throttle body and ran a few relearn procedures. We did get a system light but after a couple idles the car seemed to learn a very steady and clean idle. I cleared the codes on the car. Then we ran it over to emissions while no system lights, codes, and the idle were good. Since the tabs we're up next month we we're worried. It passed with no issues and I'm going to take it for an extended ride shortly.

As I've been doing, I'll keep updating.