Toyota lifecycle

i want to buy a Toyota. how long it will go?

Hello! I have a question. I want to buy A Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 GX.R (V6 4.0) (New). do you recommend it ?

how many Miles it will take?

And in addition i want to buy a Toyota Camry 2017 (new) too!

so in short

i want to know how many miles will Toyota Land Cruiser and Camry will go without any issues.


New vehicles should go 300,000 miles plus without any issues if they are properly maintained both are good vehicles!

yes, they can last a long time, both of them

Thank you for your response!

Thanks! didnt see it sorry

Learn how to change your own oil. I did when the Dealer, where I bought my Toyota truck, new, offered "Free lifetime oil changes." They never stipulated if that was the Toyota's lifetime, or mine. Anyway, they cheated me one time-- shorted me 1-Qt. of oil. After that I quit going to the bums and learned to DIY myself. Now I KNOW for sure that it's got a new OEM Toyota oil filter, Mobil 1 Synthetic oil, not recycled junk, and that the oil and filter actually got changed, because I do it myself. Unlike some corrupt shops that use recycled oil, or charge you for a filter they never swapped out, or short you on the oil.

Yes! Its just too expensive to change in dealership (or mechanic)
But Thanks to Scotty Kilmer i can do it now myself!