There's a humming noise coming from my mom's 2011 Honda CR-V LX 2WD 4 cylinder. About 50k miles, mostly city. You only hear it at low speeds. A friend of ours said to change the spark plugs, and indeed it was time to change them, but that wasn't what was causing the problem because we still hear it. There is no check engine light or anything. What could it be? By the way, side question: what's your cat's name and how old is he or she?

lucie, she's almost 4, is the cat. Often humming is wheel bearings, check that. And also, remove the fan belts, and if noise goes away, it's something the belts drive, like alternator bearings.


There’s no sound when the engine’s idling, only when going slow. We’ll take a look at the wheel bearings, thanks


I meant we’ll take a look at the fan belts and stuff, not the wheel bearings

I don’t know what I was saying when I posted that update, ignore that. After watch a few videos, I’m thinking it could be a power steering problem. Could power steering make noise even when the wheel is kept straight?

yes, a bad pump can whine anytime even with no load on it, especially one low or fluid or with filthy black fluid in it.