Scotty Needs A Little Help From His Friends

Scotty needs some viewer help to make this community even better.

Scotty could use a helping hand to make his new website and interactive dream for Everyone. Wanting to make it the best possible site for car advice, Scotty is asking for volunteers to be moderators for On The Road With Scotty. This video shows how you can become a moderator and have a lot of fun in the bargain.

scotty i am ready to start the helping when ever. i will also never quit my learning of the auto motive

Great, welcome aboard. Have fun

It would great if I could help you out. Please let me know, thanks!

Great, I just made you a moderator. Have fun removing obscene or irrelevant posts, put up your own videos or thoughts on cars, and even share car vids you think are well made and interesting (we allow the posting of other peoples' vids here if they are quality interesting vids.)

u r the best mr kilmer

Hey Scotty! I'd love to help out where I can to keep the site nice and clean.

Great, just made you a moderator. Feel free to post great videos you either made or have seen elsewhere, great pictures, and any car information you feel guys just want to know about. And when you know, help answer others' questions. Thanks.

Hi scotty i just read you need help with moderators i am a mechanic from scotland with 15 years experince if you need help im here mate

Hey scotty, i want to learned more about cars, and if theres anything i can do to help you, please count me in.

Sure, I just made you a moderator. You can post good car related videos and pictures here at on the road with Scotty (yours or others, we allow links here), ask questions, remove offensive comments, and generally learn from everyone here. Welcome aboard.