Scotty Needs A Little Help From His Friends

Scotty Needs A Little Help From His Friends With Moderators For The Website To Make It Professional And Clutter Free

Scotty could use a helping hand to make his new website and interactive dream for Everyone. Wanting to make it the best possible site for car advice, Scotty is asking for volunteers to be moderators for On The Road With Scotty. This video shows how you can become a moderator and have a lot of fun in the bargain.

keep it up when am strong i could do it all for u

well, I'm keeping it strong here in Hurricane Houston. Check this video out


Stay safe & dry, you nut. Terrible thing what happened. As a Hurricane Andrew survivor, wish I could help.

Hey Scotty, Just sent you an email about moderation, let me know if your still looking for help!

Hey scotty I sent you an email pertaining to your search for moderators.

OK, I just made you a moderator. Have fun, and if you have any questions, just e mail me here at The Maven and I'll explain it all. Basically, put up great car vids and pictures you find, ask questions you want to know, answer ones you can give good info on, and generally have fun. Welcome aboard.

Hello Scotty, I've been enjoying your content for quite some time now. Thanks!
I can help you with something similar to this topic, I did send you an e-mail and then I was sent here by your automatic message. I'm Adrian Cobaschi, and I can help you with professional graphic design. I can see your channel could use a modern and fresh image, and a lot can be done: logo design, video intro and exit, and other graphic design needs can be met. I enjoy working on these type of projects and we can create something unique to help you build your channel around. I've worked in television design, modern news design, etc. Let me know if you're interested and we can setup a Skype and talk more. You can see my stuff and contact me on my facebook page: or on my e-mail:

Thanks, but my son is starting to work on that stuff, he's getting into it.

Scotty I really enjoy your videos but I'm a potato with computer/designs. I'm afraid i cannit contribute but just wanted to stop by say thank you :)

well, keep watching anyway.

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