Scotty Needs A Little Help From His Friends

Scotty needs some viewer help to make this community even better.

Scotty could use a helping hand to make his new website and interactive dream for Everyone. Wanting to make it the best possible site for car advice, Scotty is asking for volunteers to be moderators for On The Road With Scotty. This video shows how you can become a moderator and have a lot of fun in the bargain.

Hey Scotty, I'm almost like you but I don't always know the names of parts but I start working on car's when I was 9 yrs old, my dad had a gas station when I was 7 and he start teaching me at 9, I have alot of knowledge on working on cars and there's times I can give good advice on what to look for and possible even how to do it. The one thing I won't do is talk about anything I don't know, I'm glad I found you cause there's times I need the help so keep up the good work and if I can I'll help someone out tks for your lessons and your right about the schools they don't make you a machanic.

Great, I just made you a moderator. Have fun, post your pictures and videos, or other ones you find interesting (we allow links to any vids here) and just have fun with us all here.

check for vacuum leaks first, they often do that on those. And clean the throttle and maf sensor like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWCKvU2FmDc&t=20s

Hi Scotty, I enjoy viewing all your videos, I am in the process of rebuilding a Honda Accord. I work on technology and I am building my own motherboard. If you would like to collaborate pls email me.


hey, film it and I'll put it up here on the website, or you can just film it and upload it here. That would be cool

Hey Scotty, Big fan .
I have a 02 civic 115k and heater stopped working at idle.. At little over 2rpm speed it works fine. Honda dealer diagonised and told me head gasket leak. But there are no signs of smoke or over heating. I had replaced the thermostat and worked for couple of hours and again the same problem. No i am thinking to flush heater core. So Before i do that is it worth spending more n more money on it when dealer told head leak. If its head gasket leak i dont want to spend money on it.
Any small help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you sir.

Watch the video "how to tell if your head gasket is blown".

Hey, Scotty I know you have a standard transmission video on you tube but that one is somewhat outdated due to advances in automatic transmission technology because there is now 8 to 10 speed automatics and CVTs. Can you make a brand new video on how manual transmissions still have some of their advantages even in today’s world?

sure, next time I get some cars to use as examples

So Scotty, I just watched your video about car rattling noises just for entertainment and I saw you worked on a Mercedes Benz. HOW HIGH does the water pump and alternator cost on those money pits?

depends on the model, but none are cheap if you use quality oem parts.

Scotty, I know one you tuber I subscribed to, he had a Jaguar one time, he looked at the price of a catalytic converter. OVER $3,000 FOR ONE CATALYTIC CONVERTER. Not only was he scared, I was wowed that, well I knew they were expensive but now for the people that own one, I cross my fingers that either they have the extra cash or just have it as a rental. If none of things it’s gonna be hard to sell due to dealership only parts or it ends in the street.

Better late than never. I can’t find a place to donate anything I can do I’m glad to help.

where can we donate money to scotty?

don't donate, just watch all my vids and tell you friends to watch em too. I get paid by ads on the net.

First time I stopped by to see your website.This is really interesting. Would love to provide some feedback for you if you want. Glad to see that you have been implementing the affiliate marketing aspect of things(on your videos). Way to go!

well thanks, if you want to be a moderator and help out, just ask

Scotty, it may be helpful for you to create a Patreon and link it to your videos.

anyway i can become a moderator? ive helped my dad work on old cars and still continue to. ive learned since i was 8 and still continue to (im 15 right now) i know more then any average person. often times people come to me at my high school if they have any issues and 90% of the time ive been able to help. ive dealt with many different types of situations that involve loose steering, no boost in a supercharged car, wheel wobble, engine swaps and so much more. im in the process of rebuilding my 2007 G5 GT that i bought from an auto wrecker when i was 14. and almost everyday i research things about cars. watch your videos, etc. i was thinking about going to a mechanic class at a different high school but have been told that i know more then they teach.

I just made you a moderator, have fun, post vids and picts, answer questions you feel knowledgeable about. Welcome aboard