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Scotty could use a helping hand to make his new website and interactive dream for Everyone. Wanting to make it the best possible site for car advice, Scotty is asking for volunteers to be moderators for On The Road With Scotty. This video shows how you can become a moderator and have a lot of fun in the bargain.

I love GM! I drive a 1979 Toronado, and I am in love with it!

'those were interesting cars

Dear Scotty,

I have a 1990 Sierra K1500 with a 5.7 L. It's a high mileage truck with 207,000 miles on it. I recently started having weird oil pressure gauge readings. On startup I get a normal oil pressure reading of about 30psi, but it starts to read lower and lower as the engine gets warmed up. After a few miles it reads almost no pressure and of course the Check Gauges light illuminates. The engine sounds good, the oil looks clean and immediately after shutdown I have a normal reading on the dipstick. The temperature remains normal throughout.

Thanks for your help!

Terry in Alaska

change the oil pressure sending unit. PRAY it's not a worn oil pump or bad engine bearings causing the low pressure

I have started using lpg gas on my toyota car model platz yr 1999 engine vvti 1z ne.....1496cc
Many time the engine light triggers....
I've trying fixing by cleaning Air flow sensor....air intake throttle....trouble gone for some 700km then it strike again and again the engine light come on on lpg gas

well, it's not set up right on the lpg system then. that's complex stuff see a guy who converts them to analyze your fault. I've never worked on such a conversion, they are not popular here in Texas

Hey Scotty if you still need help I’ll give you a hand

Thanks, i just made you a moderator. Have fun. Post picts and videos about cars all you want, help answer questions, erase rude or spam ad posts. Welcome aboard

Hey Scotty, I emailed you last week about needing extra moderators, well here I am.

Great, I just made you a moderator, have fun helping us all out. We're in this together, and if you have any questions, just e mail me here.