Scotty, my car is having a problem where the engine will die immediately after letting off the starter. After it happens, the engine will crank, but will not start. If I let it sit for a while, it will run, but the exhaust smells very rich like it was flooded. It is a 2005, and fuel injected. Might it be the idle air control valve? The idle isn't always consistent, even when the motor is at operating temp.

many things can flood them out, from a bad IAC valve to large vacuum leak to leaking fuel injectors or bad computer sensors. Best to have a pro like me scan it and analyze rather then just wild guessing. Computer scan tools hold all kinds of data which shows the problem to a pro.

Thank you scotty. I am a diesel mechanic college student, so I can use the CenTech scanner at school to see if it will throw a code. Since I bought the vehicle, it has 4 large and small evap leaks. Might this also be a problem? As a diesel mechanic, I'm not as familiar with iac, since diesel engines are controlled by the amount of fuel in the engine rather than the amount of gas

Excuse me. I typed that wrong. I meant the amount of fuel in the engine rather than the amount of air