Scotty I need help fixing the 2 rear extended cab doors on my 99 Ford F-150 4.6L V-8 I just recently got the truck from GULLO ford in Conroe I took it back there after owning the truck for only a week and a half they wanted $460 to fix just one door also I need a bed liner too. I live locally in Houston. I se
e a lot of guys on YouTube having trouble with them too. I looked on your channel to see if you have a video on how to fix them but you don't. I trust you more than anyone else. Can you make a video on how to fix them please, thanks in advance. Steven (this is my first truck).

if you recently got the truck from them, heck they should fix it free. Tell them Scotty says so, they know who I am. I've never done one myself yet though.

ill let you know how it goes

thanks scotty