Scotty I like your recommendations and your humor. My question is whovj Toyota year and model would you recommend newer than 2002, a four door. which is relatively maintenance free. I am thinking of driving for Uber. 😊44

corolla or camry, does not matter what year

Scotty, what do you think of Toyota's Rav4 , I have three neighbors who have them.?

They’re great cars as well, does not matter what year.

I have a 20 year old Acura CL 3.0 I do most of the maintenance myself. Although I cant work as well due to my age, I have not had an issue with the transmission but had a problem with one of the cv half shafts which didnt seat properly and the end gear tore up my seal. It was a pain replacing but got the job done and has not leaked since. But cars always have something going wrong especially one twenty years old. I have almost 200 k on the car. It being cold in the northeast and without a garage to work on it , the exaust system will have to wait till spring time. Not looking forward to working on my back and trying to wrench those bolts off. Pretty
sure I have to go to where it bolts onto the cat converter. Though the stainless steel pipe is still good, the joints rusted through and its been surviving on a galvanized
reducer fitting and lots of silicone sealer. But atlas its loud again.

I have replaced a number of half shafts, but I did buy a jar of that atp rubber rejuvenation product you mentioned and this spring will spray all the boots. It seems that is where the problem starts, the develop a rip and the rest is history with junk destroying the joint with water and road sand and junk entering. By the way thanks for the tip.