Scotty, I hear people saying that the reason why many european cars are unreliable is because they need their preventative maintenance and Americans are not following the schedules of preventive maintenance whereas the Japanese cars can take the beating from neglect is that true?

Honestly this is a really really good question and would love to know as well. I've been told hundreds of times European cars are bad but I believe it is because those who say such things don't take precautions for preventative maintenance thus creating larger problems down the road. For that reason I believe is why many say European cars are unreliable when in reality the car just needs to be looked over every 6 or so months. (at least I think)

Finally, someone who can sympathize with me!

Hah! I already saw that post! Nice car!

It is a beautiful car however I fear if the owners did take good care of the car. If you've seen my post then you know the possible issues that I fear seeing. As such issues would probably total the car with how expensive the replacement parts would be. The beautiful car can quickly turn into an ugly mistake an expensive one at that haha.

doesn't matter if you maintain a plastic piece of junk or not, eventually the plastic and electronics just break down. and euro cars are mainly that way today, at least the ones sold in the us

You might be safe saying that Toyota is the last Company that would cater to LAs (Lazy Americans) who are too busy even to check their own oil.

With oil change intervals of 10-15K I don't see how those euro cars will not wear out even if you go by the book.

How come?