Scotty. Help. Mild panic for my old Army buddy. She took her V-8 Mustang to Dealer (again): transmission problems. Leaking oil, too. Dealer said tranny still under Warranty, but she'd have to pay for $200 gasket ("Say, Whut!"), another $1,000 to fix convertible top, plus $1,200 for looking cross-eyed, ha ha, "Ka-CHING" etc. etc. So Dealer talks her into $2,500 trade-in on Mustang & sells her 2014 Ford Focus on WED 22NOV. She noticed Focus transmission shuddering, Salesman brushed that off. She just discovered (1 a.m. 24NOV) a Focus Transmission Massive Lawsuit (MAR2017). Her State (West Virginia) may not have "Buyer's Remorse Law." Feeling her pain. What little I know, seems Stealership took MASSIVE advantage of my pal. Does she have any recourse? Please help!

P.S. Yes, she signed Contract(s). Numerous Class Action Lawsuit(s). Thousands of complaints for the 2012-2015 Ford Focus "PowerShift dual clutch transmission" manual-automatic transmission "hybrid." If it were me, I wouldn't drive that thing off the Lot. Some lurch forward at traffic stops. Lurch backwards. Some strand motorists on highways. Multiple complaints about tranny "shuddering." I feel so sorry for my friend right now. She e-mailed the Salesman tonight about "working this out." Scotty I fear this is bad for my friend.

Salesmen are generally scumbags on deals like that. Any honerable person would return the money, but, really, are they honest? And really for everyone here, NEVE buy a hybrid design, too complex, half the time their own guys can't fix em cause they were designed wrong