Scotty got a question about my 05 suzuki forenza. For the past 2 months I've been having starting troubles (during the cold here in ohio). Although once started it would run perfectly normal. I've taken it to multiple places and have heard them say the head gasket or the fuel pump could be the problem. It cranks and turns over, but seems too weak to start without me pumping the gas just a bit, any idea on what it could be?

I've also had the spark plugs replaced twice, the battery replaced because it died, the wires to the plugs replaced and the coil pack replaced as it was the original coil pack. The car also wont leave park without using the shiftier lock override. as you can tell this car has been a pain these last few months....

old age, but try having the fuel injectors pressure cleaned they do wear with time and don't work well when cold, but fine when warmed up