Quiet Car?

what is a quiet car to buy for an elderly couple?

Scotty, love your show. Question: what is a QUIET car (quiet inside) that my wife and I can buy for our next car? Currently we have a 1999 Subaru Impreza (too loud) and 1995 GMC Sierra (okay, but not super quiet). Thanks. P.S. we are old and losing our hearing, and she likes to listen to music on long drives)

get a Lexus, my wife loves her 16 year old one still quiet s a mouse

I agree with Scotty. I got a Lexus that is 18 years old and it's still quiet as a mouse. Something you might also want to think about is buying an electric car. Those are super quiet. I would get one but I'm still waiting on the prices for those to come down. A good range EV you can buy is a Chevy Bolt if you don't want to wait for the Model 3.

i think electric cars are not quite figured out just yet...batts are high as fire too....lexus is gold plated toyota maintenance is high...but prob cheaper to maintain than a cad or lincoln...thats my 2 sense for quiet cars...im a caddy person for years...but now they are like jagcads because the parts are pretty high and they are so computer driven...

This Buick that was formerly owned by Consumer Reports magazine is perfect for an elderly couple. Buicks and Cadillacs are what most senior citizens buy because of the serene environment those cars have while driving. http://www.imperialchevrolet.net/VehicleDetails/used-2017-Buick-LaCrosse-Essence-Mendon-MA/3078230203