Oil leaking, Need a Second Opinion.

i am needing a second opinion on an issue i have.

Im not a complete idiot when it comes to cars as my dad has been in the mechanic business pretty much his whole life.

Now we both arent 100% sure on this and i would like a second opinion because i sure as heck aint taking it into the dealer.

Now i own a 2007 Pontiac G5 GT 2.4L with an ecotec engine naturally aspirated, I know i have to replace my Valve cover gasket as i am getting oil into my Spark plug wells. But below Under the motor the oil pan and up is covered in oil. It appears it is not the oil pan itself considering the oil is up even more. It is also not the seal on the Dipstick as it is even higher up. now im not sure if its a possible crank case leak? as for its up high under the intake manifold. and it couldnt be a head seal because the leaks are lower it is also on one side not both sides. is there possible way to replace a crank case seal (if there is one) without taking the motor out etc? i will attach some files to show you and hopefully u can make out where im looking in them as i have carried this on long enough. I will also have a diagram of a motor like mine attached.

Also if its to hard to tell in the one picture there is a black pole like thing partially in the way. thats the dipstick. and on the diagram the part where the crank case meets the engine block is where i think its leaking from but im not sure if thats all one piece or what.