my car is a Suzuki swift ignis 2004 ( jeep Type ) model.

I've noticed that during driving , my dash board auto gear , gear indicator lights only getting off.

in that situation I can change gears to Reverse , Neutral , D , D2 , D3 & finally Parking also

but if I move it to parking , I can't move back to any other gear mode. it's locked. then every time I've to

unlock the gear from shift lock under gear liver. then again can use other gears as well.

during reverse the car , my reverse camera or any reverse sound are not working.

when I move to Drive gear , it is trying jump ahead & it's not smooth like earlier.

if after few hours , again problem is solving automatically & during drive same happened.

attached two images during the situtation.

do you have idea about this ?

I would try a new transmission range sensor and PRAY it's not a computer failure

is it a costly part ? how can i identify exactly ? , why PAYING that not to a computer failure. i